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Meet Maureen Adams, our pastor.  

Maureen grew up in Walpole NH on a farm with her parents and four siblings.  She went to local schools, graduated from Keene State College with a BS degree in Elementary Education, and taught in the Fall Mountain Regional School District for three years directly after graduating from college.


She is blessed with three wonderful children:  a son Mark and a set of twins, Joy and Christopher, as well as five grandchildren.  When she recently married her husband, Roger Beaudoin, she “inherited” three children (another set of twins and a girl), and a grandson.  Her family are all local, so they are able to see each other often (perfect for grandparents!)


Maureen has always known God.  Until she was 34 years old she was very active in the Episcopal Church.  At that time, her sons went to the UCC in Walpole to work on a Boy Scout badge, and her three children were welcomed by a wonderful group of people at that church!  She tells her friends that “it was love at first sight.”  They had never felt so included and welcomed in their lives!  They became members of that church and thrived in their Christian lives.


She had the opportunity to serve on many committees at First Church in Walpole, and while she was on the Diaconate, she became very interested in the ministry.  One day while serving communion, she felt the Holy Spirit come over her to tell her that it was time to put aside her doubts and excuses.  And thus her journey began.


Online classes and a spiritual program in Vermont called VAST started her on her journey toward ministry.  She had the opportunity to do supply work in Walpole, Alstead, Washington, Nelson and Claremont, NH.  After covering for a minister’s sabbatical, she was called to the Alstead Third Church, UCC for a part time position.


It is with a sense of honor and excitement that she comes to Acworth to serve as a part time pastor.  Maureen looks forward to being part of our church family and to continue learning about our wonderful God.  Please feel free to reach out to her as we journey together.

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Our Buildings



Church on the Hill
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Church in the Valley
Joel's Installation 2011
Joel's Installation 2011
Joel, Rachelle, and John Eaton
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